Donation for flood victims in Mekong delta

Ha Noi, Jan. 30 (VNA) -- The Ha Noi-based United Nations organisations have so far received more than USD 3 million as relief for flood victims in the Mekong delta.

The aid came to Viet Nam as the United Nations last year called on the international community to donate as much as USD 9.43 million to help flood victims in the southern delta.

Vietnam increases investment in livestock breeding

Ha Noi, Jan. 31 (VNA) -- Viet Nam's investment in livestock breeding will continue increasing in 2001 to ensure the balance between husbandry and crop cultivation.

The number of pigs will be raised to 21 million
including 17 million lean-meat pigs for export. Viet Nam now has about more than 19 million pigs with 7 million lean-meat heads.

Survey of food consumption and nutrition in Vietnam

Ha Noi, Jan. 31 (VNA) -- The National Nutrition Institute is preparing a country-wide survey of food consumption and nutritional values in order to meet the nutrition standards set by Viet Nam's strategy for healthcare and protection until 2020.

The institute also plans to continue researching classic malnutrition-related diseases such as protein, iodine and Vitamin A deficiency and iron-deficiency anaemia.

Rural public healthcare development

Ha Noi, Jan. 25 (VNA)-- Viet Nam plans to invest some USD 98.7 million to boost the development of its rural public healthcare system by 2006. The investment will be focused on building 212 medical clinics; 13 preventive medical centres, 13 hospitals and 99 general clinics in 13 provinces, as well as medical-worker training.

The Asian Development Bank has pledged USD 68.3 million in soft loans and the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, has granted USD 1 million for the programme.

New management mechanism for Ho Chi Minh city

Jan 29 Asia Pulse - The Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee has been told it should submit a proposal to Government setting up a management mechanism specific to the city's needs by March.

Nguyen Khanh, vice-director of the Government's Administrative Reform Steering Committee, said the committee believed the present management system, run from Hanoi and applied to all areas of the country, does not make allowances for the different needs of each area and has stymied Ho Chi Minh City's development.

Vietnam encourages higher Foreign Investment

HANOI, Jan 29 Asia Pulse - Vietnam is devising uniform solutions to both attract more foreign investment and make it more efficient.

For example, State management agencies will issue guidelines for implementing the Foreign Investment Law in the first four months of this year.

They will follow this by submitting a formula for the trial equitization of foreign-invested enterprises, FIEs, to the Government in the second quarter to help them participate in the securities and capital markets.

Urgent reform tasks


Ha Noi, Jan. 22 -- Eight major urgent tasks have been identified for completion this year as part of the Government's administrative reform programme for 2001.

Ratified by Prime Minister Phan Van Khai last week, the tasks range from accelerating the introduction of a comprehensive legal system more favourable to commerce to properly tune the functions, tasks and authority of ministries and agencies.

Rare species in protected Vu Quang wildlife park

Ha Noi, Jan. 29 (VNA) -- The 54,740-hectare Vu Quang wildlife park has become famous since the discovery of the mammal Sao La, or Pseudoryx nghetinhensis, there in May 1992.

In fact the park, 75km west of Ha Tinh, the provincial capital of the province of the same name, is home to 96 endangered animal species, with 41 of these listed in the World Conservation Union's Red book. There are also 237 species of bird, 38 species of reptiles, 20 species of amphibians, and 60 species of fish. Two of the amphibians are listed in the red book.

VND 1,600 billion for scientific research this year

Ha Noi, Jan. 29 (VNA) -- The Science, Technology and Environment Ministry will invest VND 1,600 billion (USD 110 million) in scientific, technological and environmental research this year.

The money will be used to implement State-sponsored scientific and technological tasks, hi-tech, agricultural and rural development programmes, and to maintain and strengthen the State's capacity to manage scientific organizations and boost environmental protection.

Production of VietsovPetro

Ha Noi, Jan. 29 (VNA) -- The Viet Nam-Russia Petroleum Joint Venture (VietsovPetro) plans to pump 13 million tonnes of crude oil and bring ashore 1.5 billion cu.m. of gas this year.
VietsovPetro tapped 154,000 tonnes of crude oil and brought ashore 15 million cu.m. of gas from the Bach Ho (White Tiger) and Rong (Dragon) oil fields in four days of the traditional Lunar New Year, from Jan. 23-26.

The joint venture's current daily output of 38,500 tonnes of crude oil and five million cu.m. of gas is double last year's production.